Sunday, October 14, 2012

The power of introverts

Strictly speaking this month's topic, namely introverts, is not directly related to stuttering. People who stutter (PWS) are not all introverts. Then again many PWSs ARE also introverts, and no doubt many of them have become so because of their speech disorder.

Those PWSs who are also introverts should watch the excellent video featuring Susan Cain, the author of the recent non-fiction bestseller Quiet in which introversion as a psychological type is looked at from all angles. Susan herself is an introvert and a former lawyer who found that her high-pressured job in a top legal firm clashed with her introvert personality. She subsequently resigned to research introversion and write the book which is changing the way society sees introverts.

Though she is by nature not a public speaker she has designated 2012 as her "year of living dangerously" in making public speeches to promote her book. Do check out one of her excellent performances which you can view HERE. In the video she makes a number of important points about being an introvert, why society cannot do without introverts and how to survive as an introvert in a world where extroverts often dominate. Order her book from Amazon HERE.

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