Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My 5th video on stuttering - Maintaining and expanding your areas of fluency

Best wishes for the new year! Herewith my 5th video on the Passive Airflow Technique, the focus this time being on maintaining and expanding the fluency derived from using the technique.

In working toward improved fluency, maintaining any progress made can be a big challenge. So often people begin to neglect their practising, with the result that soon their speech deteriorates. Even when they do continue to practise, they may experience discouraging relapses, lose hope and stop practising. In this video I give advice on what to expect, and what to do about it.

Remember that chronic stuttering is usually not CURED; but it can be MANAGED by things such as fluency techniques and stress control. If you are an adult who stutters, you will probably always have the TENDENCY to stutter; but fluency techniques, stress control and other methods can prevent the actual stutter from occurring.

I hope that my 5th video will be helpful. Kind regards.

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