Thursday, June 1, 2017

My current view of stuttering - and its treatment

This diagram shows my current tentative thinking about stuttering ... the icon for the "mindbody" (psycho-physical) component is larger because it seems to play a more prominent part than the other "day-to-day" non-mindbody stresses that also impact on fluency.

Stuttering can be tackled at any of these three levels: at the top, the mindbody issues such as repressed emotions (fear, rage etc.); in the middle, the tensions generated by either the mindbody or by other, non-mindbody stresses; and at the bottom, the tension-related vocal-cord "freezing" or "locking" that results in conditioned repetitions, prolongations, secondary behaviours such as stamping a foot etc.

Of course, if mindbody issues are regarded as the actual cause of stuttering, and treated by way of mindbody healing, it would theoretically not be necessary to reduce tension (at the middle level) or work on preventing the vocal-cord blocks (at the bottom level). In real life, however, stress management and some way of dealing with the vocal-cord blocks would support mindbody healing. For instance, relapses at the upper level of the mindbody would be counteracted by stress management at the middle level. And fluency techniques such as Passive Airflow, Slow / Easy Onset, breathing techniques etc. would still have a purpose to reduce vocal-cord tension at the bottom level.

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  1. I have been stuttering from last 26 years. I always avoided situation where I had to speak to a stranger or group of people.
    I kind of ignored my stutter until recently.

    Recently my 4 years old daughter started to stuttered. I felt devastated. I blamed myself for that. She might have noticed me stuttering and picked that up.

    I was very angry and took a vow to throw the Stutter out of my life.
    I did relentless research on Stuttering for 4 months continuously.

    I checked many articles, forums, checked advice from speech therapist etc and was finally able to Find a Pattern which most of the stutterers suffer from.

    I deviced a technique to fight that Pattern and in no time completely recovered from the curse of stuttering.

    I have compiled my findings and techniques in the Free App below.
    I strongly believe by following the same, you would also be able to throw the stutter out of your life.

    All the best.