Wednesday, January 8, 2020

My new book: "Stuttering as a Mindbody Disorder"

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My new e-book, Stuttering as a Mindbody Disorder: How and Why Expressiveness and Assertiveness Promote Fluency, is now available on Amazon! It can be ordered as a paperback or as a digital download for mobile phones, tablets, Kindle and PCs.

The book is based on the work of Dr John Sarno MD, the mindbody pioneer, and those who followed in his footsteps: Drs Howard Schubiner, David Schechter, Dave Clark, Ian Harris and many others. The research of these physicians indicates the existence of TMS - The Mindbody Syndrome.

TMS results from some kind of stress or anxiety, which is then expressed physically. Tension headaches, many digestive and skin issues, most back and neck pain and many other health problems can be the result of TMS. In my book I argue that stuttering, too, is caused by TMS which affects the vocal cords.

A major factor in TMS is the unconscious repression of negative emotions such as anger, uncertainty, fear or sadness. This repression, together with other stressors, produces tension which then impacts the speech muscles.

If psychological repression is mainly behind stuttering, it follows that its opposites, namely expressiveness, assertiveness and not "holding back", are major tools for people who stutter. The book covers these and many other related topics, such as the nature of repression, the role of trauma in stuttering, the personality trait of High Sensitivity, fluency techniques, and stuttering children.

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